Wall & floor panels

Wall and floor panels

  • Features
  • 4. Coating mortar layer
  • 3. Glass fibre fabric
  • 2. Contact mortar layer
  • High compression strength of 10 tonnes per m² making it incredibly strong when tiled Insulating product reducing condensation
  • 1. Polystyrene hard foam

Product Information

Price (£)
Product Code
Size mm ( w x d x h )
1210mm Panel
600 x 1210 x 6mm
(For use on walls only) 
600 x 1210 x 10mm 
600 x 1210 x 12mm 
2440mm Panel
600 x 2440 x 40mm 
600 x 2440 x 30mm 
600 x 2440 x 12mm 
600 x 2440 x 10mm 
Waterproof recessed storage unit
420 x 350 x 180mm 

All measurements are in millimetres (mm)

Tile weight - One of the great features of Simpsons Wetrooms is its strong adherence to tiles using approved cement based adhesives. This makes Simpsons Wetrooms an ideal product to use with heavy tiles such as natural stone. Dependant on the size of the tiles, Simpsons Wetrooms is suitable for tiles up to 50kg per m². Please ensure the appropriate adhesives and tapes are used in the installation of all Simpsons Wetrooms products. Failure to do so will invalidate the product guarantee.

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