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Its a fabulous bathroom without a bath

Date: July, 2008


Ideal Home Magazine - July 2008 issueIdeal Home Magazine - July 2008 issue Crosswater and Simpsons were recently featured in glorious technicolor in the July issue of the Ideal Home magazine (with a circulation of 232,00), when Emma and Craig Leonard decided they had had enough of their bath ripping it out and installing a luxurious shower from Crosswater, enclosed in an elegant, spacious walk-in glass cubicle from Simpsons.

Ditching the bath felt dramatic, comment the owners. We love the results so much, weve no regrets. No surprises there, as the end result is a modern bathroom with a clean and crisp feel no beige in sight! Its a strong look, but theres something very calming about the colour combination.

With yet more pleased people, Crosswater has once again proved it has the solution to all bathrooms, regardless of shape or size.

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