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Compact Cascade

Date: June 12, 2008


Compact Cascade Creating a stylish as well as practical bathroom where space is at a premium is a modern -day dilemma for many households. Whether you have a downstairs bathroom, an en-suite or awkwardly spaced bathroom, the chances are you don't want to forsake fashion for functionality. The Cascade basin from Bauhaus offers compact chic without compromise.

For a boutique basin that is small in stature but impressive in use, the Cascade ticks all the boxes. The deep curved bowl means although it may not be a broad, there is ample room for fulfilling the day-to-day necessities such as washing hands, without using much valuable wall space.

Finished in a sleek, high gloss white ceramic the Cascade is the epitome of style. The arched design of the bowl allows the water to flow down a voluptuous, smooth curve creating a waterfall effect that is not only soothing and relaxing but also makes it easier to keep clean.

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