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Boxing Clever

Date: May 30, 2008


Boxing clever Keeping cloakrooms clutter-free and en-suites in order, Bauhaus' clever new Box slim-line vanity unit is wall-huggingly slender yet big on style!

Combining a compact sink and cabinet with a useful shelf and mirror, the new Box vanity is a mini space-maximising marvel; leaving plenty of room to manoeuvre while still providing valuable space to stow away bathroom essentials.

Creating a design statement in the bathroom has never been easier and, as Bauhaus has proved with the new Box, this can easily be achieved even in the smallest amount of space. Boasting a comprehensive colour palette in a variety of en-vogue finishes such as the vibrant high gloss bright green, blue, red or white or the warm natural tones of wenge or cherry, you can add a splash of colour to your cloakroom or enhance your en-suite in a distinctive way.

The polished white finish of the basin will perfectly complement other sanitaryware products in the bathroom, while its ergonomic design allows you to wash comfortably and easily.


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