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Tantalising TEN

Date: Feb 13, 2008


Tantalising TEN The new, uber-cool TEN portfolio from Simpsons offers the ultimate in bespoke shower screen solutions for even the strangest shaped bathrooms, most uneven walls and quirkiest designs.

The TEN, in minimal 10mm glass with clear, simple lines, takes luxury a step further; you can create made-to-measure enclosures and over-bath screens for any bathroom.

The bespoke opportunities which the TEN allows aren't reserved only for unusually-shaped rooms. The flexibility of the TEN means you can design an exclusive and unique enclosure that suits your style. With the option of different recessed, corner or freestanding enclosures, as well as the choice of over-bath options, Simpsons ensures the TEN portfolio will give you exactly what you want.

Available with left or right hand opening, the option of floor or tray mounting and even the choice of handles as finishing touches, you can create your ideal showering space down to the very last detail.

With the highest quality manufacturing, the TEN is designed to last. For peace of mind, all TEN products come with a lifetime guarantee

For more information on Simpsons, please call 0845 873 5808.


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