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Bewitched by bespoke

Date: Jan, 2008


Bewitched by bespoke Individuality of design and seamless sophistication just two features the TEN, the entirely bespoke range from Simpsons, offers to enhance your bathroom space and create a contemporary showering solution.

Ideal for the minimalist look, the streamlined appearance of the smooth and flawless glass, together with the frameless enclosure creates a clutter-free visage, so you can have a simple, stylish showering space.

As the TEN is an entirely bespoke range, each design is made to order allowing you to create a unique and elite solution that suits your exact needs and requirements.

This range scores a perfect ten for everything, especially the fabulously formed 10mm glass, which not only offers a distinctive and defined look to the enclosure and maintains a robust and resilient quality for a lifetime of use.

With comprehensive choices including the opportunity to order glass panels available up to an impressive 1800mm, with the ability to accommodate sloping ceilings, the TEN can be applied to even the most unusually-shaped rooms.

The option of ordering a Clearshield finish will make light work of cleaning, drastically reducing staining and hard water deposits for crystal clear glass. The TEN comes with a lifetime guarantee to offer complete peace of mind.

For more information on Simpsons, please call 0845 873 5808.

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