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On cloud nine with the Ninety

Date: Jan, 2008


On cloud nine with the Ninety Angles in bathroom design schemes are gaining in popularity so look to the Ninety from Crosswater – where defined lines have never looked so sharp.

Precise ninety degree angles ensure a clear-cut, linear look which takes command of your bathroom for a distinguished style statement.

Crosswater has maintained effortless elegance in all features of the Ninety, most notably in the handle. With a slender body to present a sleek profile, the lever demonstrates a ‘cut-out,’ rectangular centre for geometric grandeur.

From the fresh and sparkling gleam of the chrome, to the robust structure, the Ninety is the brassware range for contemporary and minimalist living. Coordinating bathroom brassware is essential for creating a harmonious, complete design effect. The Ninety range offers a synchronised solution with the availability of bath fillers and mixers, bidet monoblocs and shower valves to coordinate with basin monoblocs or two-hole versions.

For further information on Crosswater, please call 0845 873 8840 or visit

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