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Multifunction magic

Date: Dec 6, 2007


Multifunction magic In the past couple of years, Crosswater has noted a major rise in popularity of its multifunction showers. With versatile and flexible valves manufactured to the highest standards, the advanced interior technology is matched by the design-led exterior, to provide an invigorating shower experience when in use and offer a touch of elegance to the bathroom, when not.

With the addition of thermostatic controls, Crosswater offers truly inclusive showering opportunities and prove to be an advantageous selling point to the safety-conscious consumer.

With the availability of a large overhead shower rose, hand-held showerhead on a flexible hose and body jets for all-over showering, multifunction showers provide a more versatile experience which cannot be achieved with a standard shower system. Within the range, there is a selection of thermostatic valves with discreet controls. In combination with a stylish collection of shower heads, individual tastes and needs are catered for in Crosswater's range.

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