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Dream of the Supreme

Date: Nov 7, 2007


Supreme With smaller or oddly-shaped bathrooms, finding the right shower enclosure can be tricky. You don't want to encroach on precious bathroom space but you do want to make the most of what is available. Leading bathroom specialist, Simpsons, offers a comprehensive range of shower enclosures including the space-saving Supreme bifold.

Designed to be compact, the Supreme bi-fold is available in a minimum width of 600mm, making it perfect to fit into those recesses and alcoves that may have seemed too diminutive to allow for a full-sized shower. In combination with a 60mm allowance for uneven walls, the flexible design lends itself well to bathrooms with impractical dimensions.

By using a concertina-style door, the enclosure is completely self-contained and so you do not need to allow additional space for doors.

With a sleek and linear look and the polished profile of the clear glass, the Supreme bi-fold is elegant as well as practical. Presented in a silver, white or gold finish, this versatile enclosure is ideal for creating design statements in the bathroom.

For more information on Simpsons, please call 0845 873 5808.

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