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Simpsons' Top Ten


Design for life In contemporary culture, we want everything made-to-measure to our lifestyle - how we live; our wants and needs and therefore, one size doesn't fit all. With this new collection from Simpsons, size is irrelevant. You can tailor the TEN to suit your exact needs and be in control of your own shower space.

For the first time, there is the ability for a universal application of a product that can still be unique, as it can be made to order to exactly fit your space as well as your taste. The bespoke nature of this collection offers fashionable flexibility for any showering space and has the capacity to produce the same flawless construction whether there's a sloping ceiling or out-of-true walls.

Make a statement, whether it's a wet room, over-bath showering or a shower enclosure you're catering for, the seamlessly-formed screens represent the latest in luxury showering. With clean lines, dynamic frameless designs and a precision finish it exudes minimalist chic, while the perfectly fashioned glass, watertight seal and option of a Clearshield finish maintain the functional practicalities that we expect from a shower.

TEN by name, ten by nature; with revolutionary 10mm glass, the premium quality of the glass panels ensure a truly solid structure as well as allowing the use of smaller hinges for an enhanced overall minimalist feel.

For more information on Simpsons, please call 0845 873 5808.


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