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Inclusive intelligence with Crosswater


Inclusive intelligence The Easy Access Bathroom was part of an 'inclusive' interior design project from the Easy Living Home Company, in partnership with Habinteg Housing Association. Research shows that home design for older people, or people with a disability, traditionally looks clinical. The project brief, for two properties in Bradford, was to create a flexible and adaptable design to demonstrate how functional design can also be stylish, while allowing Crosswater to showcase various stunning Minima products; this made them ideal for such a project.

Interior designer, Alison Wright, behind the 'Inclusive Design' innovation, was eager to work with Crosswater, commenting, "It was great to work with a higher-end company such as Crosswater; the products they offer are fantastic. For example, the benefit of wall-mounted accessories, such as the soap dispenser, means they can be placed at heights to suit the user, making life easier and more comfortable. In additional, for older people with age-related limitations, it reduces bending and stretching and the potential danger of slipping in the bath or shower."

"It is something, we should all consider to make our everyday lives easier, but it does make sense to design inclusively when we refurbish our homes. Soon the majority of house buyers will be 50+, so inclusive design will make homes more saleable. "

The pioneering and visually-striking design of The Easy Access Bathroom won a Kitchen & Bathroom Industry 2007 design award, highlighting not only Alison Wright's superior design, but the functional and aesthetic excellence of the bathroom features, some of which were contributed by Crosswater.

Philip Carr, Commercial Director for Crosswater, was keen to work on such a valuable and pioneering project. "Alison's enthusiasm for the project was infectious from start to finish."

"The uniqueness of the task has given us much to consider in terms of developing stylish yet functional products. Well done to Alison and her team."

For further information on Crosswater, please call 0845 873 8840 or visit


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